Thursday, July 28, 2011

you broke up with me

you broke up 
with me, then 
offered invitation 
to the winery 
- where i met 
your friends.

you seemed anxious  
i would like them
never introducing us
for two years
to answer your question:
- they were fine.

you turned back up 
at the door
i offered my cheek 
but you stole my lips
lingered on 
lou reed personified.

buried your tongue
fist deep inside me 
a jackhammer
pulsating marionette
- the morning after

you held my hand 
too long 
as we crossed the road 
- an old habit
you seemed reluctant 
to let go, i took it back.

at dinner you paid 
said you wanted 
the sander in my shed
you left planning 
to spend your life 

then you disappear 
again, leave me confused 
waiting for comms
lights off 
you watch harry potter 

i'm not here
to serve your whim
at my expense
- perhaps
you could miss me
when we're together.

you broke up 
with me.

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