Thursday, July 28, 2011

pink ribbons & bits

it's a family affair... tomorrow night AKA friday july 29 is electric zoo 3. glam electro punk funkster duo, pink ribbons are headlining with uber divine knights who we punk monks have delightedly worked with before also. sydney becomes smaller each day.

to cap off what had been an intensely productive punk monk propaganda fueled/sleep-deprived july, us punk monk chicks run an impromptu photo shoot for the band the night before i leave town for perth.

originally intended as an outdoor shoot, the weather has other ideas... nothing some green bubble wrap & hot pink couches can't take care of in the corner shop living room. ky & i are mother creatures of adaptive invention. 

somewhere in sympathetic distance kate tries to kill her cold with wine. siobhan manages to kill modesty with hers. it just wouldn't be a victoria waghorn set without sexy bits. i manage to get her gear off while ky & i glibly assure siobhan she is not naked. she drinks quickly. the bottle empties rapidly. we exchange camera glances with tyler who coolly poses with eerie professionalism.

this is what we get:

bubble wrap & gaffer tape finally together. at last. glam gutter porn.

punk disco also gets a look in. why the hell not? have shiny disco ball, will travel.

by now siobhan has drunk the bottle dry...

much strangulation follows. it's starting to get loose. soon there might even be an authentic X rated euro trash version. show us your pink bits... 

and ribbons.

we wrap. siobhan immediately voms. pink. has she been eating here?

pink ribbons = siobhan [lady white] & tyler [red dog]
pink punk monk chicks:
producer: kate taylor
director/designer/camera: victoria waghorn
1st AD/camera/everything in between: ky lee menzies

electric zoo 3
sol lounge bar
239 oxford st, sydney
friday july 29, 2011, 20:00 - late.

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