Thursday, June 30, 2011

turbine transformers

 welcome to the turbine shop. cockatoo island.

my new visual playground. underbelly arts festival 2011.

come on in...

to where i take part in an australian artist collaboration with internationally reknowned performance artist younes bachir [from la fura del baus]& aerial troupe strings attached: OJO. just add punk monk propaganda & stir.

talented composer cam [who spent the morning being my physical theatre partner; ripping off my hat to dominate me as we then ran over the island with my handbound & blindfolded to him] sits at his toy piano. i take notes & draw site schematics, still breathless.

he's creating eerily enormous sounds as gideon & elisa sing holy notes which float out into the industrial cathedral. i am filled with reverent awe.

this is now our temple. the transformation of the space & us has begun.

underbelly arts festival
cockatoo island
july 16, 2011

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