Monday, June 6, 2011

sunday dub club

late sunday avo in sydney park. it's sunday dub club. from our position abreast the hill kate watches the sunset to the west.

frisbee throwers emulating maui valiantly try to snare the sun. we don't want the day to end either.

dogs play while humans make smoke signals. they have no blankets. or smallpox.

shadowy figures behind us sway to the bass as it beats its way up to us.

and others huddle admiring the spectacle as day gives way to night. we drink more cider & contemplate perfection.

giles tells us a story about his friends who climbed up to the top of the tower & had sex up there. 

on the tallest tower. of course.

this makes emma smile a lot. there's such a wonderful vibe. we are the poster kids for chillax.

the music ends. and it instantly gets colder. we migrate shivering with the last motion blurs released from the park onto king street for the next installment of our adventure. it's only dusk & there's a whole night ahead of us.

sunday dub club is the first sunday of each month
sydney park
cnr sydney park rd & princess highway
st peters, sydney
11:00 till dusk

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