Monday, May 10, 2010

you say po-tah-to, i say po-tay-to

no film reversal used above. it is 100% legit.

getty images: the ross sisters in london

the ross sisters: a texan triplet phenomena spawned from an age-old vaudeville family tradition which peaked in the mid 40s when they featured in hammerstein's "broadway rhythm" & died a slow natural death after they hit the revue circuit in post war europe [piccadilly hayride] where presumably they did a very similar act. maybe with another farm vegetable for good measure.

i guess with such hits as "solid potato rock" [penned by gene paul whose other credits involve raging bull track "cow cow boogie"] maybe they should have hit up ireland instead, for more lyrical longevity. have to say though it's not surprising as a dance movement it didn't take-off, the moves are a litle difficult to follow for your normal non-incestual mortal.

their pre-emptive wish song "five minutes more" was later sung by frank sinatra & maybe struck a chord with andy warhol as he was fashioning his populist fame meets time philosophy. i wonder what position the girls were in when they wrote the song... and whether circus freaks suffer from back trauma later on.

funnily enough contortionism was standard fare back in the early to mid 20th century where it was known as tumbling & acrobatics offered alongside ballet in small towns. it didn't necessarily offer the same erotic connotations it does today. no vanessa lanes or cassidy morgans [who i can't link to as there's no definable links featuring less than three "X"s...] here. *coy blush*

incidentally when interviewed contortionists unilaterally cite a preference for standard sexual positions. dare to dream.

i'd like to see madonna or britney do what the camp ross's briefly popularised. talent in their era was unfathomable & largely unrecognised by the masses unlike today's 24/7 celebrity machine whose whirring cogs never stop spinning.

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