Monday, May 17, 2010

this mortal coil

photo: andrew curtis

mortal engine: more than just a few shades of elias merhige's brilliant "begotten" this fusion of dance, sound, light & exploration of positive and negative spaces, self & the other powerfully imprint on the psyche. chunky move's mortal engine evokes emotion & stirs the physical & psychological waves. 

the resonance undoubtedly utilises science in the derivative application with its cerebral meets corporeal invasiveness. hello infrasonics. 

photo: julieta cervantes

use of sound waves oscillating at a certain frequency occurs widely in nature but also since time incarnate where human inherited antediluvian knowledge is said to have smashed down the walls of jericho with the complex combination of metallic vibrations. in this case a combination of instruments [trumpets], an amplifier [ark of the convenant] space and time. sonic warfare has been a reality for thousands of years. 

galileo repopularised this physics theorem way back when & chunky move exploit the power of resonance beyond the metaphorical in conjunction with light & movement to titillate our senses. for entertainment purposes. but possibly not for those prone to seizures.

the dance troupe has been reinventing the anti-ballet sculptural dancescape since 1995 when gideon obarzanek first conceived it. classically trained, his passion culminates in the execution of intricate movement which collude & contrast simultaneously with the artifices of the arguable mother form. chunky moves is raw, real, and unconfined by boundaries.

a world without limits. this metamorphosis demonstrated through a customised digital interface engineered specifically by chunky move for chunky move in sync with performance which fluctuates between the simplicity and amoeba-like conflict to the friction & fusion following cell division. micro & macrocosmic dimensions become one. and another. seeing/listening is believing.

photo: julieta cervantes

a little labored at times the production felt like it could have benefited from an editor's eye & escaped the deliberate vehicle of repetition but the argument for losing consciousness of the vibe would ultimately reign.

thanks for reinitiating my love in the form [HT. carmel england]. dance is valid in this age. mortal engine was the recent recipient of an honourable mention at the prix ars electronica.  please see this if you can [the season just ended at sydney theatre] but the arguably superior prequel "glow" is at the seymour theatre centre later in the year. i will be there.

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  1. love how you link sonic artworks to military strategies...
    also check out iPhone developer "Jakub Koter" who uses binaural tones through stereo headphones to affect your state of mind. cosmic stuff.