Tuesday, May 4, 2010

bag ladies

the sydney sustainable markets & inaugural farmer markets on taylor square kicked off with a quiet bang this saturday just gone.

stevie & i were down there at what is an uncivilised hour for most of the locale on the oxford street strip. still it hummed prettily as we jack-knived between the clutch of stalls desperately in search of bulk olives to marinate just past 8am with a birthday party shopping list to fill & a prep deadline to chase.

our search was fruitless [the delicious olives there, were sadly already prettified which normally would have been fine just not that day], however we didn't leave empty-handed. amongst the seasonal fruit & organic/low chem veggies there were free-range eggs, flowers, honey, delicious bread and um, fresh rabbit pie... 

but we found these!!!!
...which are made out of the city council street banners [as pictured in top image]. next bored aim is to head down every week & start a collection. if you can't make a specific event you can have the bag, silky goodness! 

apparently the council used to make beanbags out of them but have gone all hipster & moved from the lounge floor to totes. it's amazing how many olives you can actually stuff in them [separate coles demonstration].

sydney sustainable markets
taylor square
saturdays 08:00 -13:00

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