Wednesday, May 5, 2010

on the shady side

how to describe shady pines saloon without losing the waxed rhetoric plot?

the object of personal paradoxes: a wonderful underground hole in the wall steeped in shadows & brooding lynchian mid west design. the good ol' fashioned longhorn bar replete with bric-a-brac detail: a production designer's wet dream & a taxidermy fetishist's paradise with faux tobacco-stained walls caressed by music to caustically vibrate the soul. music that counts. like townes van zandt. no pre-fabricated paint-by-numbers easy listening sounds here.

this is a bar for stylish sadists. where a well-trained palate & eye can soak up the well turned cocktails which seduce from the bleeding burnt umbre hues like a beguiling victorian ankle, exposed just so, then ambushes with the gravelly rash only william burroughs & his ilk could provide. just ask the skilled staff to make you a cocktail: provide a preferred ingredient and the trade is a win win. especially if it's whiskey based.

if oscar wilde was a cowboy, he would drink here. this is a place a literary barfly could call home. and so it was.

[thanks daniel]

shady pines
alley off crown st
[beneath american apparel]
darlinghurst 2010
daily til midnight

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