Saturday, July 18, 2009

fossilized zeros & ones

a long time ago in a land far far away lived these beautiful forgotten petrol bowsers hiding in a magic wilderness behind an iron fence. a distant remnant of an ancient epoch when cars spoke & coughed easily to one another guided by frequent gas injections sans ethanol.

these were mythical times when petrol cost less than 1.00 AUD per litre & the numbers on pump faces clocked around in slow steady smiling clicks as fuel lazily poured aplenty into happily purring slightly less eco-friendly engines.

this place has long since been vanquished by developers but happily enough is now a wonderful subterranean park opposite the chauvel cinema on oxford st, paddington. on a heavy humid day if you get low enough beneath the street level you can still smell the diesel [as the buses grind past].

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