Friday, July 24, 2009


the day started on a delicious beat today with the kind of email that is the stuff of wet dreams for indie filmmakers like myself.

apart from unsolicited funding/PR & the discovery of stomach-wrenching stories, what we like to find are messages from film festivals starting with the magic word "congratulations". today was one of those days.

to be fair i haven't actually been on the festival submission trail at all this year. it's lucky that some festivals that we were part of last year kept sending invitations/submission reminders...

it's been a transitionary time of massive upheaval/consolidation but still between us punk monks we have managed to produce a handful or two of short films in the last eight months, since i returned from promoting our KINO KABARET film when sally met frank on the international circuit which garnered some wonderful successes.

this year sydney underground film festival [SUFF] will be screening THREE punk monk propaganda films all spawned from the family fray with a closely knit connection to our friends the festivalists who run possible worlds canadian film festival & sydney KINO.

the punk monk tribe have been mostly underground in planning mode all year slowly working & developing arguably bigger & better projects so it's incredibly validating to receive the nod from a film festival which is gathering momentum in leaps & bounds for work designed for us to "keep our hand in". all these films were no budget, two were shot on NOKIA mobile phones & two were made in less than 48 hours from script to final mix.

and the nominees are:

chick addict: dir, victoria waghorn
the sleeper: dir, kate taylor
salome's picnic: dir: victoria waghorn

big thanks to these invaluable punk monks who were integral to the abovementioned projects & whose name is behind director lights but won't always be: dermot mcguire, stevie dunstan, alex parker, raen waghorn-hughes, clare devlin-mahoney & felix pflieger.

also our sometime collaborating punk monk who's entrenched back in the studio with us once more come monday has had two films selected. YAY!

telepoorchoice: dir, mischa chaleyer-kynaston
your friendly local butcher: dir, mischa chaleyer-kynaston

there would be more supporting images but today is fraught with tech issues & my mac [the image powerhouse] will not currently speak to the keyboard or mouse... lazyweb #FAIL

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