Thursday, July 9, 2009

climbing up walls

last night my rock climbing cherry was popped & splattered all over randomly 3D speckled walls at the bidding of friends ky & fee who organised a midweek adventure escape from our default social media paradigm. unsurprisingly this later became a total booze fest resulting in not so hip degenerative hashtag speak.

our small mixed merry group all lived to tell the tale, get horribly addicted & plan to make this a regular sojourn if anyone wants in. we will be found at the sydney indoor climbing gym sporting the latest in to-die-for ass-hugging stranger-danger harness wear.

beware my noveaux spiderwoman friend who is the queen of portable media but finds showers technological godsends. only in wales. the old version. that's plumley. fee plumley. license to climb [pictured above].

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