Wednesday, September 14, 2011

uncontainable in every way

what happens in the container stays in the container...

we [punk monk propaganda] had an art installation at sydney university as part of our verge festival presence this year [we also curated the opening party with major raiser]. the shipping containers were dumped on campus and we were fortunate enough to be granted one to play with for the duration of the fest.

paste-up container photo copyright: konsumterra

this is what the exterior of our container looked like thanks to much loved street artists konsumterra & boots who kindly sexed it up for us. inside was an entirely different matter and quite a separate conversation which will be pursued later. 

it all started when kate taylor started thinking in UV & i was channeling shamanistic temples. somehow by closing night we were at naked roller derby girls and paint. quite an obvious progression really. 

ky-lee menzies is not as innocent as she looks in any of the matters above. but this is a well earned beer. because unbeknownst to us by the end of the festival, all the paste-ups had to come down...

it took the punk monk chicks six hours collectively to scrape those suckers off. while i gadded about at my art exhibition opening they did the hard yards. i dropped by with buckets & grabbed a couple of peace-keeping snaps en route. the air was damp & heavy.

although these hotties manage to make the task look vaguely fun, it wasn't nearly as much as what happened the night before [see below]. and that's before we got under the lights.

a test cut of my little avant garde punk monk film G.L.O.W. will be projection bombed on the back streets of tortuga studios, st peters for in the night garden at sydney fringe festival this friday. 

it's a whole different POV of roller derby girls. uncontainable & unforgettable. 

now that we've escaped the threatened charges of public indecent exposure & the glue stains have worn off one thing is for certain: roller derby girls meet punk monk chicks are extremely good sorts/sports. at least the ones we play naked painted ladies with.

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