Monday, May 23, 2011

falling in love again

i'm shooting a little punk monk film this week largely inspired by long-standing love affair with marlene dietrich & femme erotica. a light twisted not quite vanilla propaganda film of sorts. the proof of successfully meeting these objectives will be in the pudding. 

whilst quickly bashing out a script, i want to share this.

marlene's signature song 'falling in love again" became synonymous with the blue angel icon. her sensual fallout was immense with her rendition of lilli marlene gaining universal wartime appeal & prompted the UK home office to declare her a prostitute in the hope that it would halt the "unholy" obsession of british wartime solidiers with the third reich femme fatale.

eventually a version was released with english lyrics which weren't as problematic for the allied PR team. she then proceeded to jump ship across enemy lines with paramount pictures, magically regain her vestal virgin cross dressing status & became a US citizen well before WWII was officially declared.

let's do it. let's fall in love. over and over again.

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