Friday, January 28, 2011

gone fishing...

actually yabbying! btw. this video is gold...

as usual the year online starts very slowly.
i didn't get a xmas holiday because the punk monks were up at peats ridge workin. breaks/recovery space thereafter have been intermittent between other film obligations. there's only one more delightful deadline/hangover from 2010 to meet & the year's slate starts anew! 

heading back to the bush today to soak up the annual rodeo [and to go yabbying with local hill tribe in the local creek] then back in town for a day for the festivalists' jurassic lounge at the australian museum which i'm proud to have a small handful of degrees of association with. check it out. and to simultaneously hop on the short circuit at metroscreen & talk film. all at the same time. what can i say: it's a gift. 

speaking of which, banksy's "exit through the gift shop" is up for an oscar. very excited about this. although it's debatable whether it really is a documentary or not. increasingly blurred lines everywhere.

i'll be back with a vengeance 2nd week of feb onwards. now i must soothe these weary BDO bones after two days running amok on site filming. to slither with river eels where the watery shadows hold promise of a platypus playing. my ongoing fantasy.

anyway the chinese new year starts today. happy year of the rabbit. gung hei fat choi. hello bean!

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