Monday, November 16, 2009

testing realities

customs house in circular quay might seem to be an odd place in sydney to see an exhibition. punk monks certainly frequent the inner west locale more often in pursuit of underground subversion/expression. we think art on the city's harbour foreshore, we think MCA. usually [except for free lunches] i leave the quay to the tourists. sometimes it's not till you play tourist in your own city that new discoveries, which are old, are made...

multiple displays whilst executing apparent clinical perfection [this need not be negative] can be seen right now with views of sydney to die for in heritage landmark surrounds. customs house has witnessed immense trade over three centuries being historically the sandstoned vehicle which brought people and goods together. now it continues this tradition in another guise.

with free admission, exhibitions cover three levels including the ground with events including the upcoming ferrero festival of light covering the exterior forecourt on upwards through to the first [nocturnal photography by peter solness] & second levels [remodelling architecture: architectural places - digital spaces].

leading up from ground level [testing reality: the architect and the model] i was led like a kid in wonder through the white walled labyrinth past the classic eames chairs jacked into the building wide free interwebs & made a pact with myself not to be such a stranger in future & to allow all cultural realities to blend. we have access. we have motive. we own this city.

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