Wednesday, July 6, 2011

toxic beginnings

sneak preview: it doesn't look like much now but welcome to frame one, layer one of the new stop motion visual narrative project em + me cooked up in the punk monk labs. 

meet part 2 of our chronological abstract project for canberra band fun machine [toxic]: we wanted to take on an interesting endeavour & push some boundaries coming off our tried & true liquid light event laurels a bit. challenge is good for the soul.

the incredible punk monks in only a week are producing five films in mini teams [emma sanderson, me [victoria waghorn], ky [ky-lee menzies + dave cheng, kate taylor + siobhan lady pinkton-white, chris tamm + donna hogan] to launch at good god bar july 13 whilst we further develop our concept to collaborate with younes bachir and strings attached for OJO at underbelly arts festival on cockatoo island less than a handful of days later [july 16]. 

there are not enough hours in the day or people to draw, cut or film things. if you want to work with us please step up, we'd love to integrate you into our workshop teams. rust and punk monks never sleep.

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