Tuesday, December 29, 2009

charity case

...and then i was rescued from my deliberate hermit-like isolation by these beautiful people who are the poster kids for buddhism & friendship. they even have a benetton baby for christ's sake. eat your heart out angelina, no international adoption papers necessary.

so in the evening i followed up my tinny lunch with something a little more holistic and delicious. although i would like to say my creamed corn was organic.

i am the christmas charity case & thankful for the philanthropists who emerged from blurred shadows [daniel, andrew, claire, marianne, davey] who all tried to rescue me from myself over xmas. the best families are created.

sadly the pool party in the pelting rain was detoured as i passed out on the couch whilst serena and eugene showed me their stunning holiday photos... no, really they were wonderful. life is just so... tiring.

thanks guys, all of you. you are the spirit, the son/daughter and the holy ghost. suddenly i feel quite religious. perhaps that's just the wine/blood i'm drinking.

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