Tuesday, May 12, 2009

murder is big business

eating meat in our society is so normalised that the grotesque is rendered invisible. reality blurred.

carcasses hang like clothing drying on a hills hoist when wandering in chinatown [a culture which has the honesty to call a chicken a chicken, present it as is, sans polystyrene disguise & utilise all the body parts].

intensive farm practices dealing with the combined propaganda & promotion of inaccurate information that "meat is good for you" & that
"you're not normal if you don't like chicken" are increasingly dishing up to your dinner plate diseased & vitamin deficient excuses for animals that are so pumped up with steroids, antibiotics & reverse-engineered diets that it's kind of ridiculous to still call them a chook [unless the terminology is redefined here]. don't even get me started on mad cow disease, swine flu et al...

fact is science has now proven that meat [all meat including chicken] undoubtedy alters DNA - arguably not in a good way unless you have a bowel cancer fetish. in fact it may even be worse for your body than radiation [it is studied in the same sentence as a major contributing environmental factor by scientists internationally including australia].

the meat industry knows this. the government knows this. oh, but it tastes so good... right? looks like some of the sheep aren't making it to the slaughterhouse after all.

it should be mandatory for young school children as part of their educational field trips to tour intensive farms, watch the manic debeaked chickens still peck each other to death in enclosed places whilst popping out a bird flu flavored egg as the rats run amok under fluro chewing on bits of the living where they can, stand on the abattoir line watching young lambs & calves sweat in terror as they face the inevitable excruciating death at the end of the conveyor belt, first through the killing chute for electrocution or semi-consciousness by pneumatic ram [depending on the killing house idiosyncrasy] before whilst still alive having hooks skewered through the rear legs to hang upside down on the belt before throats are slit over a large trough where rivers of blood travel down & the now usually dead animal is submerged in boiling water to loosen the skin before the fur/hair is scraped off & gutting commmences. that's a school expedition i would jump on the bus for.

that's not even getting into any of the fun political & pharmaceutical stuff behind the scenes. so many $ at stake. as one of the most powerful lobby groups [along with oil & pharmaceutical] the meat industry in all its various incarnations are the hidden truth behind one of the great unsustainable & ethically dubious excesses of our so called civilisation. eating meat is one of the major contributing reasons for world poverty, disease and hunger. apparently brain-washed taste buds override all...


  1. blantant logic


    overpowering childhood associations with mum's cooking

    it's an endless battle... but youthful poverty and being surrounded by vegos mean that I am slowly evolving. one day vic. maybe one day soon.

  2. I am removing the pork scratchings from your pressie.

  3. i have to say, as far as politics, big business, and exploitation/ruination of third world countries go, what happens in the non-meat based industrial food complex is no less disturbing, evil, manipulative, or destructive. it's just much less gross. i say more across the board pushing toward local and humane meat AND produce. i mean, monsanto, you're telling me they aren't changing people's dna? put that mighty white on the same shelf as that factory chicken please, as least as far as nutrition, economic impact, politics, and manipulation go.

  4. agreed ang. the system is screwed with a capital S and gaia continues to be raped over and over again until soon there will be nothing left to give & we'll either be on the receiving end of some natural cataclyism defence mechanism or enter shut-down.

    which is why organic non GM foods are the only way to go. also avoiding patented hybrid plants [like broccolini]. with monsanto etc buying up the genetic print for everything in existence this gets tricky. seed banks are good. best thing to do is to be as self-sufficient as possible, de-centralise, grow veggies at home in your great garden and continue to cross-stitch etc till the cows come home.

  5. if you don't have a garden a local farmer's market is always good.

    have to say, I just googled brocolini, and I had no idea. Wow, the name of the vegetable is a registered trademark. Mental.

  6. Of course, the new hybrid vegetable has nothing on Signor Brocolini, the original pirate king, yo. Why doesn't his estate own that trademark?