Monday, May 18, 2009

i like spiders

undoubtedly one of the greatest & most intricate artists which grace our planet [and they eat nasty bugs too]. i have loved spiders since childhood & fail to understand the terror they induce in some others. there's nothing like an early morning walk in the bush to soak up the gorgeousness of the morning dew as it hangs off a just spun web.

this is where i should be today [but am not]. i can avoid the arduous red wine hungover drive by looking at my lovely mountain hideaway photos & almost feel the freshness of the eucalypt infused air just by inhaling the imagery. if only the truckload of furniture could get there by the same method...


  1. I got bit by a redback once, but I didn't hold it against her. she was just doing what she did best.

  2. My house is full of spiders. I like them although I do tend to remove any whitetails I find (as they eat the others). Never seen any Avondale spiders though. My old garage has some really large common spiders with inch long black bodies and long, long fangs. The new garage, Vicky's lair, seems to have Wetas though, not spiders.