Wednesday, December 14, 2011

these streets are ours

a palindrome punk film [em + me] enterprise...

whereby beloved co-conspirator punk monk emma sanderson + i devised a film concept based on em's wim wenders' bent for random dance-offs in public spaces. flash mob evolution.

for beloved venue peeps at bandhouse at a not-so-secret location in the warehouse laden back streets of marrickville. we're so avant garde street hobo...

with punk monks anna slowiaczek & tyler red-dog grant who indulged in a naked alley doona dance. this is but one scene. there were many others. with different players. all surreally clad in uniform white. deja vu.

the street is our canvas. our public domain. our playground. this is where we make our art. to share.

happy 7th birthday DEJA!!!

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