Friday, December 2, 2011

respect. the abandoned dunlop factory.

typograffiti. the next phase...

 gloves off.

we're going for a ride...

into the derelict bowels of what once was the production factory of shoes & tennis racquets. the long abandoned and still surviving slazenger dunlop building. abandoned by some.

take a seat and enjoy the ever changeable view:

 it's no hard...

a hide 'n seek wet dream.

exploring through the warrenlike tunnels reveals increasingly storm damaged caverns which invite dappled rays of neon light dancing with the layers of painted tagged love. magic eyes abound.

it can't be long before this treasure trove of aerosol celebration is no more. in the interim it stands like an irreverent totem much like a modern day chauvet. the moving sun, the fire of old enabling shadows to embolden & animate the art. the sea of cans which litter the ground testament to those who have come & created before.

each corner turned reveals endless discoveries. 

 where shadows creep into the light  

and the outside encroaches in. a happy juxtaposition.

 beauty mirrored in a thousand shattered reflections.

know thyself...

and thine can. the equalising tool. all are masters here.

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  1. v nice, would love to check it out before it's demolished....