Wednesday, May 11, 2011

leaning tower of piss

it's saturday night. we're at roller derby. suicide seating ringside. it's half-time. 

obviously an appropriate opportunity to create our own spectacular spectacular scene freshly inspired by all those lycra-clad bottoms which have flown like flirtatious bumping & grinding birds before our very eager eyes. ky has to keep her restless hands busy [look at her happy little face].

she builds a recycled tower with our empties. quite the talent in her own right. an audience slowly draws.

kate looks on, waiting for the inevitable. our neighbour is suitably impressed. the tower is at skyscraper proportions. comparably.

it's all very hilarious. there's a direct correlation with the amount of empty bottles/glasses in the tower to the degree of laughter which ensues. it is a pretty tall structure. right now, everything seems fairly amusing. we're driven by all sorts of intoxication.

ky pushes the limits [how unusual]. the tower is no more.

kate still manages to look surprised. and there's still another half to go... it is a good night.

[next installment with bottoms. coming V soon.]

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