Thursday, May 5, 2011

boogiemen & faerie tales

i always had a bit of a crush on bin laden. there i've said it. at the time of 9-11 when his image was being touted as the face of villainy i looked into his eyes & saw beauty. purity of ideology. in war, god is always on your side. this man looked enlightened. perhaps it wasn't in a fanatical zealot way that we were being spoon-fed to believe. what if everything we were being told wasn't true?

if he was going to be the USA preferred poster patsy boy for evil i thought they'd really chosen the wrong guy with a beard for the job. no wonder he had all those wives. i considered going to find him to join the queue. send me to guantanamo bay now.

i wasn't going to write about this because everyone else is an overnight expert but i do want to comment on how utterly fascinating it is to witness that the edicts of time, power of education or access to information have not softened the indelible stamp of propaganda. it is a calculated steamroller which decimates logic in the wake of mob mentality under the veneer of authority.

the milgram social psychology experiments following observations of human behavior in nazi germany effectively demonstrated the development of this obedience to authority behavior.  psychology & mass media together make an invincible marriage. which makes the now absolute worldwide monopoly of our media channels intensely terrifying. we look at china or north korea and tsk quietly. ha!

last year sydney film festival screened "the game of death" the french take on milgram's experiments flipped into a reality TV facade. people still respond the same way & the vast majority accept and act under the directions of authority completely overriding the dictums of reason: question authority. and we wonder why people aren't being encouraged to study history or the humanities any longer. the government does not want the people to think.

george orwell's nightmare complete, we live under the facade of freedom, we love big brother. anything i or my "conspiracy theory" ilk say can't be true. we have become dangerous thinkers. if what we said was true the people would hear about it... right?

rupert murdoch's piece of rag the daily telegraph isn't even worth wiping one's ass on these days. nothing more than a cheap sensationalist tabloid in the guise of a newspaper these images are from this week. hardly the face of objective journalism... this obituary ran on the back pages of the paper. one could be mistaken for believing it was documented cyberpunk satire to be found in a philip k dick book or from paul verhoeven's screen adaption of heinlein's starship troopers.... do you want to be a citizen?

i don't know when/if/how bin laden ever lived or died. at what point did the CIA fabrication start and end? since 9-11 i've read widely & have a number of theories but most importantly understand that when it suited the US like their other toxic relationships with fingers in every self-interested pie, they have been very close to the bin ladens. very close indeed.

with friends like the US, one never needs another enemy. are our MTV memories that short term?

we all know now that there were no WMD. at least not outside the twin towers. except for the deluded who still believe in the faerie tales generated by government despite what history & sun tzu tell us. with a population now officially at 7 billion people the powerful are fighting & scrambling over control of natural resources & the money go-round. oil/water/air/information is power.

the US are the master of political distraction when it comes to international policy & announcements. timing is everything. nothing happens by accident. there is no coincidence.

it's unlikely there were any planes involved in 9-11 or anyone involved outside the USA & israel. lee harvey oswald, ted kaczynski [the unabomber], osama bin laden all demonized sacrificial designer boogiemen burdened by ex-CIA military backgrounds. sometimes i wonder if the towers were even real. but when i went there sometime later the eeriness of the walled tomb was all pervasive. innocents/political pawns died there. they were dispensable. we all [well about 90% of 7 billion] are.

but i do know that most other people don't know about the actual truth of bin laden either. when analysing propaganda on the degree that we are subjected to on multiple levels it is almost impossible to separate influences & stand true without reacting or responding to the stimuli we are soaking in. one can question & reject everything or not. it's trickier to take a little from column A & B.

the methodology of seeking alternate news sources is increasingly difficult with the degree of mis/disinformation deliberately propagated to disrupt the signal to noise ratio. the internet is a double edged sword. there is such a thing as too much information and trawling through it all is an overwhelming task. needles in a haystack.

but like fox mulder says: the truth is out there. the world government & rupert murdoch just don't want us to find it.

RIP. osama bin laden.

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  1. Much easier if you don't watch the news my dear. I gave it up. Feel much better for it. I also gave up coffee. Not sure that's related? It used to be a lack of knowledge of news and the world around you made you one of the great, uninformed, unintelligent, masses. I think it's flipped. Most people can't distinguish news from entertainment. Anyway, does knowing the truth make life any easier?