Thursday, November 11, 2010

squids on bikes

it was a beautiful spring morning. although a shade on the early side for a sunday. raen, davey and i set out with our bicycles around 0600 one weekend morning to participate in mass madness.

this all started when raen got a bike. albeit fifteen years too late. her childlike enthusiasm however had not waned with age. so a compulsory 50 kilometre group bike ride it was. davey was in disbelief. so was i, i'd practically slid out of it until a bicycle had miraculously turned up in the back garden the day before. raen had bought it at an auction so i wouldn't miss out. how sweet.

our train finally pulled into north sydney station. we were running late. surprise. outside there was a serious frenzy of hardened individuals who weren't kitted out in the same lazy day picnic mentality we were. suddenly it looked scary. even our alleged friends looked like seasoned pros. what had this fiendish girl & her evil squid squadron leader accomplice dan got us into?

as the harsh reality rose up to kick us in the face, even they looked scared.

davey however was creaming his pants thinking of all the awesome photos he was going to harvest from the day's inevitable sideways adventures. no muesli bar or cupcakes were going to save us from certain public humiliation. thank god i had my camera also for... REVENGE. or a strategic pre-meditated strike as ronald reagan would say.

dan didn't mind too much, maintaining a relaxed disposition with his green dragon wings floating in the gentle breeze. he looks good from all angles. and so it began...

weirdly enough it suddenly became fun, even if the gears on my bike were a bit tough to negotiate. i'm not sure whether that was before or after the defibulator on my bike decided to impersonate a famous contortionist & get stuck in the wheel. no more bike race for yours truly. one squid overboard.

this is the view of the tail-end of the racegoers from my lowly train seat going over the harbour bridge [with broken bike in tow]. zero unflattering sweaty cephalopod personal photographs pasted all over the interwebs. shame.

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  1. this post totally passed me by. nicely captured, but I wish you could have stayed with us for the ride :(