Tuesday, November 30, 2010

auraltered state #6

it seems fitting that the night i went to auraltered state #6 at carriageworks, not only was i wowed by the dreamy eclectic assault delivered up by defektro...

which sadly i only caught the last of immensely talented hirofumi uchino & his noise army outfit's set [but will stalk into the deepest darkest depth of next year in pursuit of a possible collaborative project]. here's a slice of absolute noise love from another gig:

...BUT he was followed up by free alcohol & then an experimental tribal set by half a dozen peeps [6majik9], smoking, sitting, at times standing awkwardly, hunched & playing an array of instruments ranging from the indescribable to a wireless receiver and a harpsicord [i think] to produce an avant garde psychedelic noise in theoretic repsonse to video stimulus although perhaps that was primarily destined as eye candy for the select masses which dotted the performance space clubhouse in morsel grabs.

i didn't have time to stay for garbage & the flowers sadly but here's a bite sized sample of what went down at the end before i fled the free bar back to my slave chamber [sad but true]. for a noise blog there just needs to be, well, some noise. even if it's just a hint.

thanks to liam for introducing me to this night and re-establishing my carriageworks fervour. and to the incredible featured bands. auraltered state events are FREE. there is so much happening in this city - there's no excuse not to be sampling it.

btw. here's something else by 6majik9 live which i thought was quite fun.

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