Tuesday, February 28, 2012

DINO WARS - the inception

original DINO WARS poster by konsumterra

not long ago i sat in the rabbit warren of lucid dreams with three favourite others amongst fat vinyl beats which spun sporadically behind us peppering the ebb & flow of chilled conversation through clouds of alician caterpillar smoke. this is the house which introduced sun ra & space is the place into my life. a happy debt. 

photo: fiona grace mcdonald for DINO WARS

somehow the exploratory tangent went to dinosaurs which it often does in the zeitgeist our collective toes are semi-permanently dipped into, for it is one of our playgrounds. we of the JL set.

it was the dubmeister who reverently spoke of remote-controlled dinosaurs in a voice which engaged us all as the eight year old sparkled through his eyes. 

photo: fiona grace mcdonald for DINO WARS

instead of entering the junk-bin of amusing ideas which are long since forgotten as the burning frequency is passed back on, i entertained the prospect of a world, an alternate reality where satire, sport, theatre, art & erotica met. a place which embraced all inner children in a shamelessly trash environment... 

photo: c/- brisbane times

cue DINO WARS. DINO WARS is the latest punk monk propaganda project which we launched recently for the 2012 summer season at jurassic lounge

jurassic lounge is a wonderful night which encompasses a plethora of art/music based evening activities giving the australian museum additional demographic reach & providing restless hipsters something to do in sydney's CBD on a tuesday night. 

as we gather momentum, the DINO WARS pieces of the jigsaw puzzle organically come together to form a hallowed vision of an alternative universe. the crowd-sourced concept slowly but surely forms, taking a shape of its own. 

with the combined forces & rainbow spectrum skillbase of the talented & resourceful punk monk tribe, real shiz is starting to happen. and we're just getting the fun-filled meteor rolling.

photos: fiona grace mcdonald & matheus mytka for DINO WARS

while still in our infancy there's something for everyone. existing puzzle pieces are bunkwaa's DINOTASIA; live crowd-sourced claymation, the drip-fed introduction of character-driven jelly wrestling collectible pin-ups & UV realms where dinosaur championing humans battle, live freeform paleolithic pop mixes, a carnie extravaganza of nerf-gun toting UV babes & twisted DINO masters with more activities & live art planned for peeps to earn DINO DOLLARS which can then subsequently be spent... visceral candy beyond the binaural sphere.

very soon the remote-controlled dinosaurs & their UV zealots will come out to play...

photo: fiona grace mcdonald for DINO WARS
[andros battle shells for DINO WARS]

without letting the velociraptor completely out of the bag, our tireless DINO WARS tribe funded by DINO DOLLARS are planning on being much more than a short-lived banana republic & hope that the second coming of extinction coupled with the demise of our currency is still a long way off. raptor jesus was due for an upgrade anyway.

if you want to know more or want to be a part of it come "like" us on facebook & follow us down the glowing tyrannosaurus hole. the bunny has long since been consumed.

          photo: fiona grace mcdonald for DINO WARS

where: JURASSIC LOUNGE 2012 SUMMER SEASON, AUSTRALIAN MUSEUM -behind the dead stuffed things lvl 2, who's calling who extinct?
when: MAR 06 // MAR 20 // APR 03

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