Tuesday, October 11, 2011

punk monks go pop

last thursday [october 06] saw the wet weather launch of the pop up night markets at taylor square for which i'm curating the vibe for with the punk monk propaganda team headed up with co-conspirators craig bunkwaa & stevie dunstan. it's a community microcosmos, space for the senses to be soaked & soothed in a mild edible, tactile, visual & aural orgasm. baby steps towards a long distance street party dream.

below is a pic of bunkwaa looking awesome & me emulating an autocratic melted wax doll. if nothing else i will spend the rest of my life avoiding that particular facial expression. stevie somehow escaped evidential humiliation. aren't photos grand?

we're collaborating with the wonderful sydney sustainable markets which emerged from humble yet aspirational saturday morning beginnings [stevie & i were there for the christening & still have our recycled city council silk banner bags to prove it] and are going from strength to strength now stretching wings to a new tomorrow via the sydney crave food festival. undeterred by the incessant rain the people still come...

in addition to a handful of incredible food stalls [no gozleme in sight] which sold out despite the on/off opening downpours our semi-usual projection bombing of experimental light onto buildings and spaces with or without people can be witnessed each week. this time round we'll be illuminating entire heritage buildings with our well-loved OHPs.

rotating interactive workshops designed to provide a hands on artistic experience for the curious & adventurous. this time, recycled zines! as seen here last week, sustainable jewellery mentored by highly skilled & versatile sydney artist christie torrington. 

this coming week, christie's handiwork can be witnessed with live illustration whilst playing alchemist with the rest of the uber punk monk artists via our grateful dead re-appropriated & signature liquid light projections as she fuses both analogue disciplines into a wondrous sight whilst combating ambient spill from street lights in taylor square. we'll also be bombing ground zero with video animations you can dance on in the fleeting shadows. kill switch anyone? 

each week we can promise live music to complement the existing oxford street soundscape... featuring two different folk artists combined with our own handpicked & much loved DJs/experimental noise artists [defender sound & interstellar starfish].

not to mention our regular live art collaboration with street artists. last round: bunkwaa, konsumterra & andros in some sort of epic pirate panel battle. who knows what will be on the agenda this time with additional moonlighting visitors armed with poscas who come & go in the night?

you can always spot a punk monk event-side by our telltale hands. follow the colour trail & you'll find us. somewhere between our makeshift dancefloor pulsing rainbow waves of light, hub of quietly humming artists, the sultry chai tent & inlet of industrious marquees spewing out seductive aromas of yum. despite what our mothers told us, we still like to play with our food.

NB. photos all rights reserved by dave cheng for punk monk propaganda

pop up night markets at taylor square
every thursday in october
taylor square
oxford street
darlo. sydney
17:00 - 21:00

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  1. That looks like so much fine, i'll have to try and get down one night