Tuesday, September 27, 2011

fly in, fly out

welcome to perth. capital city of the australian resources boom, the centre of gravity on the west coast which in many ways echoes the spirit of original mining mentalities throughout history. my new sometime home base as i amongst others seek personal fame & fortune buying into the ubiquitous fly in, fly out culture at the expense of the environment, one way or another. it may as well be us right...

at least i wake up somewhere beautiful each morning. this is my preferred spot. i can often be found here. location, location, location.

unless it was this morning which was some dodgy car park wedged between an anaconda megastore & super-sized botanica sports bar which is somehow through the randomness of the universe where i landed with my sister to sequentially carve up dance floors, drown in vodka, buy rounds of tequila & make new friends who fresh & flush with affluence match glass for glass & slices of lemon mass rounds of mescal. work hard, party hard culture is rife.

sometime soon i will wake up back here again in a world of focussed sanity, sheltered under the silhouette of the trees which frame the sleeping city beyond as wildlife i don't recognise gather around me singing their strange song. 

in the meantime i'm stuck in no [wo]man's land counting down hours of escape to stagger back to the serene cityscape & then to my adopted east coast hometown to my faerie daughter named for the weather, disfigured alien who thinks he's peter pan, cyborg wife, gay lover who won't allow me to touch his arms, myriad of lost boys & a bunch of beloved punk monks. there really is no substitute for family.

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