Monday, June 27, 2011

the interdimensional traveler companion guidebook. code 1.0.1

image by: skeezix1000 and made available through creative commons attribution 2.0 generic license

The InterDimensional Traveler Companion Guidebook

Code 1.0.1:

Regardless of realm or reality, if companions experience difficulties due to emotional, psychological, physical or environmental reasons (either separately or together) under no circumstance will a companion be left behind. 

This code can only be exempted for the purpose of acquisition of reinforcements or supplies in direct relevance to the understood situation with the proviso that full communication between said companions of this action is adhered to within an agreed timeframe.

An individual companion's journey may not continue independently or separately in the same or different realm or reality unless this requirement is fulfilled and both companions' wellbeing is assured.

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