Wednesday, February 2, 2011

sweet peats hangover

 photo: kate taylor

so the punk monks picnicked at peats. after a fashion. we sweated, kicked sand in our own face, painted with light & distorted soundwaves, curated a 360 degree film installation, & bled from our ears in the sweet stickiness of the heat & good vibes which oozed like an impenetrable aura around the festival-sphere. 

we made love to the geodesic dome & paid homage to the rejenr8 & figure eight tribes who held court there. visions of the phantom menace battle scene pervade except there were much less special effects. for the most part, excluding the dome, the few days there were really rather deliciously analogue/lo fi. as orgies usually are.

there'll be a more complete wrap later, once we've collated footage, images, etc and all sat together for a new year pow wow/debrief. however the ABC just did a story on the expansiveness of the art experience which is peats & profiled us [punk monk propaganda] featuring a much sleep deprived interview with me on the home strait of editing "15Mb of FAME" our crowd sourced film festival initiative. somewhere in the life-saving air-conditioned shadows, steven patiently waits.

so this is all about puff & ponce on the back of the wonderful punk monks collaborative efforts and muchos hard work as i run out the door to escape the urban swell and heat. time to mix up the scenery before chewing mammothian chunks into the year.

kudos to the peat's ridge punk monks & family. they are:

clare devlin mahoney
alexander papasavvas
kate taylor
ky-lee menzies
steven kastrissios
andrew berman
anna slowiaczek
alexander sovronsky
james crawford
jacqui stanton
domonique turner

it really was a supreme team effort. life at some points may not have gone on without a well placed gin & sparkling pink grapefruit juice. and this is one of our results: 15Mb of FAME. the culmination of 48 hours or so of crowd sourced punk monk driven lurve. power to peats ridge festival [waves at victoria johnstone] for having the vision to let us play in such a wonderful playground. we're looking forward to hitting rinse repeat again next year.

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