Saturday, August 7, 2010

mother's milk

SUFF is just around the corner and this week they released the 2010 program & series of inimitable trailers. it's great to see a film festival run by wicked filmmakers who didn't just revert to the film festival genre because their films aren't good enough to stand alone in others.

stefan popescu & katherine berger have proven that they're brilliant filmmakers in their own right with a third experimental feature film currently in post-production. here's one of the new trailers featuring our punk monk propaganda project hybristo honeymooners made for the 48 hour international film project. since recut & given a quickie grade. written, designed, directed and co-produced by yours truly. my inspiration was the banjo duel off in deliverance & the eroticism of serial killing constrained by the timeframe, whilst fusing with my wonderful muse the heavenly cat davies whilst working within some classic signature items provided by the festival at the time:

48HR film project parameters for 
script to screen short films

1. genre - femme fatale
2. object - a torch
3. character - jemma gordon, a writer

4. line of dialogue - "one of these days you're going to realise i'm right"

this is the film i literally broke my back on [skydiving is sadly now permanently off the menu] and almost killed two of my friends/cast via hypothermia. an opiate onslaught really makes one somewhat insensitive to others' pain. 

we've managed to elicit a couple of awards for the film thus far. i'm very excited to be screening at this wonderful festival for the third year in a row. an incredible honour. sad not to have the beloved germans [felix & michael] here who were key to the production this SUFF season.

punk monk propaganda 48 hr team was

catherine davies
mischa chaleyer-kynaston
dave cheng
ky-lee menzies

andrew berman
mischa chaleyer-kynaston
dave cheng
ky-lee menzies
dermot mcguire
felix pflieger
michael prechtl
kate taylor
victoria waghorn

dan simmonds
the lurkers

hybristo honeymooners is part of the mother's milk [wonder women] program & despite playing opposite one of my favourite film directors [harmony korine's new feature trash humpers [which also plays the following day -- whew] i will be in the fusebox: "a[sic] outrageously diverse and imaginative session of films made by talented female directors. what woman wouldn't make a film about seductive monks or a serial killer wedding?

screening FRIDAY 10 SEPT 19:45 – 21:15
sydney underground film festival
thursday sep 09 - sunday sep 11, 2010
the factory theatre

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