Wednesday, April 14, 2010

gathering moss on rolling asphalt

yesterday it came to my attention that breaking news on new zealand TV was the "vandalisation" of a goat with anti-police graffiti. the town goat now sports fluoro orange lettering "FTP" which is thought to stand for "fuck the police". i wonder if the kids responsible has seen banksy's cow series? or seen the hairdresser's painted poodles up on crown street in surry hills, sydney...

anyway recently whilst cruising the redfern back alleys i came across this wonderful mixed media graffiti which i've been meaning to share but a sabbatical from the daily grind resulted in extreme blog neglect until NOW!

moss typography clinging to wall crevices supplemented by clever pavement stencil work. plan big is an initiative of the adelaide & bendigo banks tapping into the gutter zeitgeist to flog their wares which ultimately is a nationwide mega mentoring program traversing multiple disciplines. personally i despise banks but little banks are kinda cooler. more banksy.

if you do have big plans check out their rhetoric. if it doesn't work out graffiti their asses. they're undoubtedly up whilst their heads are down thinking big. which reminds me [but not to be confused with] of robert muldoon's unpopular interventionist political strategy in the 80s.

one of my most loved gold towns, old cromwell was drowned under the sour deluge of aluminium smelting meets dam construction. perhaps there's a clyde dam goat to tell that story. another time.


  1. Once, just once, I'd like to see a cool graffiti campaign for something that wasn't advertising a product. Hey, check out this website because it's cool. Big bonus, we don't want any money, we just think this is a cool thing you might want to see.

    Graffiti has a long tradition of art for art's sake, but now I really feel like it's just another billboard (and much cheaper for the companies that utilise it).

  2. art for art's sake. an increasingly novel idea.