Monday, October 19, 2009

one greenish bottle...

left hanging on the wall.

one mysterious night last week i went out with two of my very dearest. there should be other photos here besides me loitering against this wall but sadly the photographic evidence which includes them cannot be posted on this blog because of traceability. they are afraid.

you see after that evening a one-off food poisoning-like plague occurred: there was a wave of sick days & late meetings which kicked in. paranoia set in & suddenly people are terrified of being either satirised by me or their work colleagues. or worse [if that can be imagined].

these days the internet is one big stalker factory & as we know is being used for a plethora of purposes. there's a trade-off between anonymity & publicity. not everyone are blatant media whores like myself with almost zero care factor. how much information is too much & once it's online should it be for everyone to use for whatever purpose they desire? will it come back to haunt you/me? ID fraud, vegetarian loving cannibals, an unlikely connection to the manson family, or mafia run organ harvesting could see me hijacked any second [just don't touch the liver or spine].

maybe someone searching for "monk porn" [my current SEO strategy] has already substituted my clothing with monastic robes in photoshop & is masturbating to this image of me now [in my wildest dreams], or keyword coding it so that this blog will come back to haunt me if i ever seek USA presidency or other... lucky i don't have a real job i can be fired from.

so yes. it was just me that got drunk & i actually drank water for half the night so managed to ward off the threatened 03:00 am karaoke club stint: "all by myself, i wanna be all by myself..."

monk [photoshopped] porn.


  1. I'm like you. my life is laid bare on the Internet. feel free to pimp me out on your blog whenever it seems relevant.