Thursday, August 20, 2009

hyde's hills on hasselblad

aaah, the joy of large format cameras meets a glorious day in the park. usually i shoot on my canon 40D, but these pics are shot on film on a friend's lovely hasselblad capturing the magnificence of these hills figs which the local council threatened to chop down for the longest time.

it all comes down to public liability issues related to potential instability of the trees due to a wave of soil borne disease.

what would hyde park be without the trees? so far the trees are winning & thus remain but are irretrievably damaged to the core. these beautiful statuesque guardians of the park loom at almost 25 metres tall having been planted in the early 1800s.

over the next fifteen years or so as many as 230 trees total may be replaced with specimans which are already growing elsewhere from weeping fig cuttings from the nearby domain.

perhaps tolkien's ents would approve?

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